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  • 1986

    Assessment Theory and System Created

    Mindmill assessments were originally designed for touchscreen, developed for mass screening and delivered for extensive use on a computer within a military context (The British Army Recruit Battery, Australian Air Force, The USAF Recruit Studies, The Bundeswehr Experimental Tests and Belgian Defence Force).
    Mindmill personality assessments are based on the 'Big 5' Theory, developed by Raymond Christal, with whom Professor Irvine worked closely.Professor Irvine continued to research Christal’s theory and added an additional domain, ‘Proactive’, to echo 21st century changes in behaviour.

  • 2008

    Mindmill was Created

    Mindmill was created in 2008 through the merger of a recruitment company and a psychometric assessment construction company, owned by Professor Sidney Irvine.

  • 2008-2010

    Human Capital Solutions Platform

    Mindmill upgraded the original desktop application to an online assessment portal, designed to offer secure and scalable assessment solutions on a national and international level.

  • Today

    Mindmill Evolution

    The latest Mindmill platform and associated technology modules have been designed to gather, process and analyse various HR data sets. These data sets, when brought together with payroll, time & attendance and performance data, allow an organisation to investigate core HR processes.

  • Our

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Key People

Meet Mindmill's main team.

Laing Mewhort


As founder and CEO, Laing's key role is to provide the Mindmill team with leadership, vision and encouragement to drive technological and psychological expansion. He is principally responsible for Mindmill international business development; including key relationship management of our collaborative ventures with Silatech (Tamheed – Career Guidance technology, MENA region) and other business partners in UAE, South Africa and USA.

Jonathan Mackey

Head of Solutions

Jonathan is the principal architect of the Mindmill online assessment technology and platform. He came to Mindmill in 2008 with the exclusive task of modernising and expanding the Mindmill assessment platform without compromising the validity and power of the existing assessments. Jonathan designed and was heavily involved in the development of the innovative Mindmill Evolution Assessment Platform.

Niamh Clarke

Client Services Executive

Niamh is currently working on Placement as the Client Services Executive at Mindmill. Her principle role is to provide service and support to clients and candidates in regards to Mindmill's assessments. She assists in the design and development of custom content and functionality for Mindmill clients as well as providing support to existing systems. Niamh also assists in the design and updating of documentation, reports and websites.

Fiona Coulter

People Development Strategist

Founder of Green Lantern Consultancy and Mindmill Organisational Development Business Partner – Fiona has a wealth of experience in developing people to enhance business performance. She has developed individuals and businesses across UK, Ireland and the US. Her collaborative and highly engaging approach delivers outstanding results by placing people at the centre of everything she does…For her it’s personal.

Professor Tim Trimble

Consultant Occupational Psychologist

Professor Timothy Trimble (PhD) is the Consultant Occupational Psychologist here at Mindmill. He is also Junior Dean of Trinity College Dublin, and a Chartered Psychologist. Professor Trimble is an expert in mental health assessment, particularly drawing on one of his main research areas and experience; he delivers courses in suicide risk assessment, prevention and intervention.

Professor Sydney Irvine


Professor Sidney Irvine (PhD, FBPSS, ARSM) is recognised internationally as a leading authority on cross-cultural test use; he was elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society in 1974. His copious research comprises several scientific publications on the problems of test adaptation in trans-cultural assessments. Professor Irvine consults with Mindmill on the development of new assessments for regional, national and international application.

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